most powerful weapon in the world prayer
August 28, 2012, 3 Comments

“The most powerful weapon we have is prayer. It is your connection to the living God,” says Vadim Mialik. Vadim shares that the key to a powerful prayer life is …


Next Stop: Freedom

August 21, 2012, No comments

On July 25th, I posted a story called  “Witness Forever” and in it referenced a reader of WitnessSF who was greatly impacted by the stories share ...


Ambassadors of Action: Witnessing a Movement

August 7, 2012, No comments

Editor’s Note: If you’ve ever wondered how WitnessSF came to be, you can check out the founding story here. But did you also know that Wit ...


Sacred Waiting

July 31, 2012, No comments

Although we have a responsibility to do our part, we can’t always control the outcome of our ambitions and goals no matter how much we’ve ...

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    Towed Back to Faith
    July 3, 2012, Comments Off

    Does God answer our prayers? Does He respond to our questions, our pleas, and the cries of our heart? Lia Marshall sincerely asked God if He existed and He spoke ...

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    Say Yes and Help
    June 12, 2012, No comments

    Editor’s note: The mission of WitnessSF is to provide a platform for our communities to share their stories. You were created for a purpose, and we hope that this story ...

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    The Meaning of Marriage
    March 28, 2012, No comments

    Our Editor Jimmy discuss the meaning of marriage and how Jesus impacts one of the most important promise we may make in our lifetime. Growing up, I had the ideal ...

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    What makes a Christian different
    December 6, 2011, No comments

    I recall asking a good friend a while back, what makes a Christian different than any other person. She answered the only difference between a person of the world and ...

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    Obama and I
    October 5, 2011, No comments

    Our lives are defined by opportunities we grasp and the opportunities we miss out on. Some opportunities come just once in a lifetime. A few weeks ago, I was trying ...